Best Yoga Streaming, Videos and DVDs

Different strokes for different folks

I’ve taken the liberty here of covering both the best yoga streaming,  videos and DVDs for beginners and for those more advanced.

In the end it comes down to what resonates with you and what you need at a point in time be it gentle, vigorous or with a specific focus.

So, with that here are my picks in no particular order that cover the best yoga dvds for beginners, for those more advanced and includes the best home yoga videos I could find.

Let’s start with yoga streaming and the benefits of streaming first.

Yoga Streaming Benefits

  1. One of the benefits of yoga streaming is that you can do it from the comfort of your own home or a special place you have discovered like the beach that just adds to your experience.
  2. It’s also cost effective if you consider that you might spend $15.00 or more per lesson if you attend a yoga studio in person.
  3. You can do it whenever and wherever which is great if you are time poor or just don’t have the time to fit in the travel to and from a studio, and
  4. If you’re a little self-conscious to begin with you can relieve yourself of any stress around that.  Let’s face it, yoga is great for stress reduction so it certainly shouldn’t be evoking that in you.  So, from that perspective, it’s a great way to start or continue for that matter.

My Yoga Streaming Picks

1. Bulldog Yoga

Bulldog Yoga offer a 30 day free trial (cancel anytime).  

Bulldog Yoga definitely has a workout kind of feel to it, but there is something for everyone from beginners and pre-natal and post-partum yoga to stretch, cardio and body area focused.

It’s also introduced specific meditation and mindfulness videos.   This gives you even more value for your dollar.

They stream the actual classes themselves, so you’re not just watching an instructor but the entire class too. That will help you feel connected.

You can stream on any device.

If you love it, it will only cost you $12.99 per month for unlimited online yoga class streaming (and the meditation of course) and you can cancel at any time.

I’ve written a review of Bulldog Yoga that you might be interested in before you try and buy. It’s a pretty good deal though in that you can try first, so if you’re interested just click here to get started.


2. Yoga Download

Yoga Download has over 250,000 members so that is saying something.

Their instructors are some of the world’s most sought after.

You are able to download the classes too for offline use.

With your own account you are able to customise your experience through organising and adding your own class notes.

Again, you can use any device.

You can also achieve your goals with targeted programs and packages.  For example: weight loss, pregnancy, detox, beginner’s yoga or sports related.

See the 3 affordable packages they offer below.

Yoga Download Packages – click here to get 50% off the first month

My Yoga DVD/CD picks

1. Wai Lana Yoga

Wai Lana is apparently the world’s most watched yoga teacher.  She has aired in the US for over 18 years being the longest running fitness series ever and has been broadcast in another 5 continents.

She has four different triple DVD pack series (Easy, Yoga for Everyone, Hello Fitness and Fun Challenge) or you can buy individual DVDs that focus on anything from Beginners to Toning, Relaxation and Strengthening.

The sessions are shot at spectacular locations and are acclaimed as enjoyable, effective, and breathtakingly beautiful.

Prices start at $17.95.

Click here to buy or browse.

2. Presence through Movement: Yin Yoga (Kim Eng)

This CD is by Kim Eng (partner to master spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle) and is focused on Meditative Movements and Postures to Cultivate the Energy of “Allowing”.

You can bet on your life that there will be a very spiritual focus to Kim’s videos with a particular emphasis as the title indicates on presence and consciousness.  The video includes both long and short practices.

The video is also able to be downloaded immediately.

Price starts at $11.18.

Click here to buy or download now.

3. Presence through Movement: Qi Flow Yoga (Kim Eng)

Again, by Kim Eng, this yoga CD is focused on Simple Body-Based Practices to Help You Experience the Peace and Aliveness of the Now.

I’ve done this yoga practice in the past and I recall that it was quite lengthy but I always say just do what you can and stop when you need to.

I did enjoy her approach as it was a rather different approach to the usual.  I have to say though that anything that has a focus on Presence I am for.

It’s also immediately downloadable if you want it now.

Price starts at $11.18

Click here to buy now

4. The Yoga of Awakening: Body-Mind Flow – Sean Corn

For those who have read my blog and who know me will know that I am all about awakening hence I have researched Yoga DVDs that seem to have this at their essence.

This is the first DVD in a series and focuses on the Foundational Practices for Transformation.  Excellent!

DVD One provides all-level instruction in Vinyasa flow yoga and on awareness of the body for inner discovery and healing.

Price starts at $14.39.

Click here to buy now.

5. YOGA SHAKTI – Shiva Rea

An interesting approach where customers can Build a Customized Home Practice Using the Interactive Yoga Matrix.

You can simply select your favourite practices from a simple-to-use yoga menu filled with a variety of moving postures, meditations, and shavasana relaxations, and then press play to enjoy.

To help you get started, Shiva Rea includes a complete list of suggested sequences, ranging from five-minute tune-up sessions to extended hour-long yoga immersions

Shiva Rea is an internationally acclaimed vinyasa flow yoga teacher.

Price $23.96.

Click here to buy now.

For health, peace, calm and clarity!

So, there you have it.  An affordable selection of either streamed or yoga DVDs.

Yoga has so many great benefits for mind, body and soul and can really assist you in going beyond your mind to where calm, peace and joy reside without the need to fix, chase or force it.

The choice is now yours.  For ease I’ve listed them again below. Click the link on the yoga streaming option or DVD that resonates with you.

Build a collection if you need to, that’s what I do. Enjoy!

Go forth with ease and just be!



  • Jeff

    I do agree with you these are some of the best yoga streaming videos I have seen, and I do recommend anyone who has an interest in learning yoga to consider choosing one of these yoga videos to get started. Most of us today lack the time and possibly the finances to invest in yoga classes, and I learned this great health benefit from videos similar to these years ago.

    I suffer from autoimmune diseases and yoga and meditation videos have been my best medicine for me,


  • Tom


    I love this post. As a lot more people around the world are being advised to stay at home, and work from home. This article couldn’t be more relevant at the present time.

    I am trying my best to stay active while at home, and my girlfriend is too by doing yoga. Maybe this is something I should take up too.

    I will let you know how I get on with your advice and the yoga videos. I’ll ask my girlfriend to review your article too and comment.

    Thank you for sharing, and keep up the great work.

    All the best,


  • Judy Sánchez


    Thanks for this article, it’s come at a very timely point for me. I’m in lockdown right now and can’t go to the gym.

    I normally do resistance training three times a week, and I’m looking for something to do at home now I can’t go outside.

    The bulldog yoga looks interesting to me, but I’m wondering which yoga you would recommend to take the place of my resistance training?

    Something that relaxes me too would be welcome as I’m stuck at home.

    Thanks again.

    • Martine Brooks

      I think perhaps give Bulldog Yoga a try first. That definitely has a more gym/workout feel to it. You can try that for free for 60 days so that could be a good start for you. WaiLana Yoga also has a strengthening DVD that might suit. I always find that most yoga has an element of relaxation so I think any would give you an element of that but perhaps the Presence through Movement yoga download/DVDs. You could also take a look at my Guided Meditation suggestions. The beauty of all the options is that they are affordable so if need be you can try something else. It’s a little like shopping around for a yoga studio. I also find that we need or want different styles depending on how we’re feeling at a particular time so it doesn’t hurt to have a couple of options.

  • M Charles

    Though I am not a fan of Yoga,I found your post very informative abiout the benefits of Yoga. I believe that anyone who loves Yoga will be grateful if he/she came accross the information presented here on Yoga.

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