Bulldog Yoga Online Review – Before you try and buy

Before you hand over those credit card details

Bulldog Yoga offer some great deals to workout online with for starters a 30 day free trial and even discounts on the monthly memberships once the trial period ends.

But, it can be really nerve racking and alot of people are often apprehensive about having to provide their credit card details for the auto subscription to start just to try it out. I certainly am.

And I’m sure you’ve experienced those cases (I definitely have) where you’ve done exactly that only to try to cancel before the free trial ends but the provider ends up debiting your account anyway and then you have to go through the whole rigmarole of trying to obtain a refund. This can be really difficult sometimes with minimal avenues for contact now with these online companies (very rarely is there a phone number) and often times being met with little or no response. And, have you ever read the fine print where it says unless you notify of a cancellation within a specific time frame you will be charged even if it’s before the end of the trial period.

That’s exactly why I’ve written this Bulldog Yoga Online Review – Before you try and buy

Bulldog Yoga Online Review – Before you try and buy

1. Providing your credit card details and canceling before the trial period ends.

Ok, so this is the really important bit.

Just to set your mind at ease, I tested it out. I joined and provided my credit card details. Within a few days, I then went through the process of canceling. It was easy, smooth and I was successful in canceling without having to jump through hoops. My trial period continued and then it ended. No debiting of my account and that was that.

I can say with confidence that their processes are efficient and they are ethical in relation to being able to cancel easily.

In relation to providing your credit card details for your free Bulldog Yoga Online Free Trial you can do so with confidence and trust. So, if that’s stopping you from trying it out, don’t let it.

2. What kind of online classes do they offer?

My experience was that Bulldog Online Yoga definitely had a workout feel to it and was definitely high intensity and by that I don’t mean the level of difficulty (though that’s there too depending on what you’re looking for). I mean that it has that gym kind of feel to it.

Having said that though, I didn’t try all class types but generally it didn’t have that serene, peaceful, retreat like feel to it that we often associate with yoga. But, if you’re not necessarily looking for that then it could be perfect for you. And, if you read on, you’ll see that they offer meditation and mindfulness videos too, so that might be where you get your relaxation/serenity fix.

But there is something for everyone for example:


  • Beginners yoga
  • Pre-natal and post-partum yoga
  • Stretch yoga
  • Cardio yoga and
  • Body area focused yoga


Bulldog Online Yoga have also introduced specific meditation and mindfulness videos.

3. How does it work?

First of all you have to sign up for the free trial, but once you do, you can access the following:

LIVE STREAMING: The actual classes are streamed and you’re not just watching an instructor but the entire class too. This can help you feel connected with other participants because you’re not just watching an instructor via a video. You can access their live schedule so you can plan your classes ahead of time.

ON DEMAND YOGA CLASSES – You have unlimited access to on demand yoga classes from their extensive library, so if you feel like some yoga it won’t matter where you are or when. You can access at any time and at any place.

You can stream on any device.

4. What does it cost?

The Bulldog Online Yoga Free Trial

There is a current Get a 30-Day Free Trial! (Cancel Anytime!” target=”_blank”>bulldog yoga free trial period of 30 days (cancel anytime!). I don’t think you’d get anything better out there than that, certainly not when there is the live streaming component available too.


And, as mentioned previously, cancellation is easy with no hidden restrictions or ruses.

The Bulldog Online Yoga Membership

Membership is month to month, there’s no maximum period that you have to be a member for.

If you love it, it will only cost you $12.99 per month for unlimited online yoga class streaming and access to their video library.

You’ll also have access to their meditation and mindfulness videos. This gives you even more value for your dollar.

Lastly, Bulldog Online Yoga also offer discounted membership rates after your trial period ends. This can be anything from 20-30% of the already inexpensive monthly fee. I think that’s really generous.

Remember you can cancel at anytime. Be rest assured that if you decided to cancel you can do so without fear of any ongoing deductions occurring.


Let’s start with a couple of reviews:

“I have a virtual Bulldog Yoga account and use it almost daily. I love that I can browse through numerous offerings to find a session that fits my needs for the day. The music is fantastic, I can favorite videos for easy access, and the instruction has been wonderful for a newbie like me. Highly recommend!” Brenda

“As a fitness fanatic who has always needed to be in a studio to stay motivated, I have found it incredibly easy to fell engaged with bulldog. COVID has created changes in all of our lives, I am thrilled with the positive change I have made to now working out at home, getting the workout I want and spending a fraction of what I used to spend” Cathy

“I can’t say enough great things about Bulldog yoga. It is fun, fast paced, great music, easy to follow along. So many options from meditation to invigorating. Bulldog yoga has gotten me through this quarantine period especially since I haven’t been able to get into the gym. I may never go back! This is too easy and fun, and most importantly a great workout!” Alison

“Love the music and variety of videos. Instructors are really good at their instructions; I don’t have to watch the screen I can pop in earbuds and do my yoga screen-free if I want.” Emily


Stream Yoga and do yoga at home

Of the 81 reviews I scanned, there was only a handful that were critical and this related in the main to the music so this is definitely down to personal taste.

All up, I think that with the security of knowing that you can cancel at any time without any hiccups or fear of being charged if you have decided to cancel either during or after you have become a member it’s really a no brainer.

I don’t see any reason not to try it out and see if it’s for you.

With the 30 days of free yoga, my opinion is that you really have nothing to lose in getting started with a Bulldog Yoga Online Yoga class. Go for it!

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