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Change and growth is a good thing!

Change doesn’t have to be a scary thing.  It can be the very thing we need even if we don’t know it.  And it can be the best thing that ever happened to us though we may not realise it until after it’s happened.

For you, maybe it’s an inner or outer transformation or both that you are after or maybe it’s growth and a new beginning.

It may be that you want to manage stress or anxiety or learn and practice mindfulness, awareness, presence or self-acceptance and be guided through it.

Below I’ve listed courses that I believe are of high quality, excellent value for money (with some heavily discounted and that often come with a free video series before you buy), will increase your understanding and will help you along your journey to greater health, wellbeing and in transforming your experience of life.

I’m sure you’ll find something that resonates with you.  Just click the link to learn more.

Go to my Product Reviews to check out other products you might be interested in or my top picks for Mindfulness Meditation Courses or the best Guided Meditations.


Recommended Course List

40 Days to Positive Change

Join Kelly McGonigal on a journey to 40 Days to Positive Change and develop the resilience and resolve to move through setbacks and devote yourself fully to the change process.

40 Days to Positive Change










Body and Mind are One – Thich Nhat Nanh

Sign up today for Thich Nhat Hanh’s eight week online course – Body and Mind Are One and experience the wonders and joys of “heaven on earth”—not in an afterlife, but in this very moment.

Body and Mind are One Online Mindfulness Course






Embracing the Unknown with Pema Chodron

Learn how to let go by honoring the difficult emotions of fear, sadness, and grief with an open and curious heart with Pema Chodron’s online course Embracing the Unknown

Embracing the Unknown with Pema Chodron Letting Go & Welcoming Change







Healing with Spiritual Light

Join world-renowned shamanic teacher Sandra Ingerman to learn potent healing tools and experience life-changing ceremonies in her eight-week online training, Healing with Spiritual Light. Save $200!

Healing with Spiritual Light Sandra Ingerman








Living from a Place of Surrender: The Untethered Soul in Action

An 8 week online course – “Nobody wants to feel stress and anxiety in their life,” Michael A. Singer explains. “We want to feel inspiration and joy. As it turns out, unconditional love, peace, and inner freedom are not that difficult to attain if you understand what is going on inside.”

Living from a place of surrender online course Michael A Singer







Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) 

Move toward greater balance, control, and participation in your life with the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction program.

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Online Training MBSR






Mindfulness Based Fitness Training

Explore how to regulate emotions, stress arousal, and physical pain and interrupt reactivity, so that you lead with wisdom in critical situations with Dr. Elizabeth Stanley’s groundbreaking program.

Mindfulness Based Fitness Training








Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification Program

Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification Program







Presence – Venture into the Heart of Enlightenment

Realize your spiritual nature to the fullest extent possible in endlessly unfolding ways with Presence with A.H. Almaas. A one-of-a-kind journey of discovery with Presence – an 8-part online program. Follow the link below to register.

Presence Venture into the Heart of Enlightenment






Powerful Beyond Measure with Marianne Williamson

Powerful Beyond Measure is an 8-week course with two live Q+A sessions with Marianne Williamson. The course is designed to help people connect with their power and purpose

Marianne Williamson Powerful beyond measure course








Qi Gong for Health and Healing

Explore movement routines to promote flexibility in both body and mind with Lee Holden’s program.

Qigong for health and healing with lee holden







The Empath’s Survival Guide Online Course

Empaths are emotional sponges who absorb both the stress and joy of the world. They feel everything, often to an extreme. The Empath’s Survival Guide Online Course was created as a companion to Judith Orloff’s book The Empath’s Survival Guide to serve as a hands-on resource for learning the skills you need to become healthy and empowered in a world that is often coarse, heartless, and disdainful of sympathy.

The Empath's Survival Guide Online Course







The People’s Inauguration – 10 days to activate revolutionary love

Receive practical daily teachings and tools from me on the core tenets of revolutionary love—love for others, our opponents, and ourselves—including tools that will empower you to ignite change where you are in the The People’s Inauguration: 10 Days to Activate Revolutionary Love.

The People's Inauguration 10 days t acivate revolutionary love









The Power of Awareness

7 Week Online Training – Join Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield in their program – The Power of Awareness – and discover the transformative, healing power of mindful awareness and dramatically shift the experience of your life, the people in it, and the world itself.

The Power of Awareness online training Kornfield & Brach








The Science of Medical Intuition

Learn self-diagnosis and healing with your body’s energy systems from renowned medical intuitive Caroline Myss. Join us for this 10-week online training to transform your health, your life, and your future.

The Science of Medical Intuition






The Shadow Course

he Shadow Course is an eight–week transformational learning experience with two of the most pioneering spiritual teachers and “Shadow busters” of our time, Caroline Myss and Andrew Harvey. Alarmed by the unconsciousness in our world today, Caroline and Andrew joined forces to create this in-depth journey. Think of it as a guide to uncovering what you don’t know about yourself so you can come into alignment with your true power and purpose.

The Shadow Courses An 8 week journed to know yourself and bring light to the world







The Self Acceptance Summit

A summit rather than a course, but it’s great.  Listen to and learn from 31 world renowned teachers like Tara Brach, Marianne Williamson and Adyashanti.






Transformation Labs

Introducing a new laboratory for personal change—Transformation Labs—immersing you in an intentional and concise video workshop addressing a practical ability you want to learn. Through a learner-centric, experiential approach and progressive lessons to keep you going, you’ll be well on your way to mastery.

How to stay grounded in troubled times





The Lucid Dreaming Training Program


Your True Calling

Join Stephen Cope in his course Your True calling and investigate how our external world provides us with guidance for pursuing a life of meaning, purpose, and direction

Your True Calling with Stephen Cope







Remember to visit my Product Reviews to check out other products you might be interested in or my top picks for affordable and quality Mindfulness Meditation Courses or the best Guided Meditations.


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