How to be Successful in Life – Success Principle #10

The Home Stretch

We are on the home stretch and have finally arrived at How to be Successful in Life – Success Principle #10.

For those that have read the previous success principles and are applying them well done to you!    The difference it will make to your life can be wonderful.

For those who need to catch up see the next section for a list of the Success Principles covered so far.

For others, here we go, onward and upward with Success Principle Number 10!

The 10 Principles for Successful Living

Principle Number 1:  Boundary Conditions

Principle Number 2:  Cause and Effect

Principle number 3:  What we focus on is what we get

Principle number 4:  The map is not the territory

Principle number 5:  There is No failure only feedback

Principle number 6:  Responsibility for change

Principle number 7:  Integrity and Intent

Principle number 8:  Curiosity is the key

Principle number 9:  Embrace Uncertainty

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Principle number 10:  To Be the Best We Can Be

Here we are at the last success principle.

This principle is to be the best that we can be, to trust that we are doing all we can with the resources that we have and to trust that we have all that we need within us right now. 

It’s worthy of exploration and in you discovering what that might mean for you at this time.

Being the best you can be isn’t just about adding to the to do list or adding to the task list.  It really isn’t about that.

It’s about asking yourself questions that will empower you, not how do you do more or get more, but how do you be more?

How can you be the best you can be in this moment?

Right now, you have available to you every resource and every unresourceful strategy imaginable, it’s all there right now.

Ask yourself:

  • What are you choosing?
  • Where are you choosing to focus?
  • How are you challenging yourself?
  • Are you creating beliefs that are going to serve, support, nurture and challenge you?
  • Are you moving your focus to one of excellence and abundance?
  • Are you respecting and getting curious about your map of the world so you can find out not just about the 10% that you’re consciously aware of, but the 90% that you’re not?
  • Are you willing to play with the notion that it isn’t failure you are receiving it’s simply feedback about how to do it differently or how to do more of it?
  • Are you being the best you can be in terms of playing at 100% and knowing that you are 100% responsible for the outcomes you are getting and for the outcomes you are going to get?
  • Are you being curious?
  • Are you having that attitude of wanton experimentation?
  • Are you the type of person who through being the best you can be is asking yourself and those around you some really great questions?  Are you willing to be curious about the answers?
  • Are you willing to embrace uncertainty so you can ask questions now?

Now if you are doing all of that, following the Principles, what amazing results will you notice in your life right now and if you are living this now, what are you noticing right now?

Being the best you can be isn’t just about getting enough stuff.  That isn’t what life’s about.

It’s about asking yourself, how can I be the best that I can be in this moment?  What am I capable of?

And as the moments get even more challenging it’s about turning up even more.

Anyone can turn away from a challenge and say it’s too hard, I am not going to do it.  Or, I am going to sit here and do overwhelm instead so somebody else can take care of it.  Anyone can do that.  It is the true leader, the exceptional person,  the extraordinary person who says it is a challenge and I am willing to turn up and I am here to play at 100% to find out what I am truly capable of and I want to know what’s coming next.


Play at 100%

So, we’ve come to the end of the 10 Principles for Successful Living.

I’ve given you some tools and strategies to help you along.  Creating change will mean applying what you’ve learnt.

You may from time to time slip back, that’s ok and it’s normal.  Just get back on the horse and be willing to continue on.  Beating yourself up is unresourceful and will not serve you in any way.

Know that the possibilities and potential are endless.

If you need convincing, invest in a life coach – visit Energy Life Coaching or Life Coach Hub.

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I would love your feedback on this article or the series and anything you would like to share about your experience of applying these success principles.

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  • April

    I frequently have to remind myself to check in with whether I’m challenging myself. It seems I will make any and every excuse to be complacent!

    Thank you for reminding me that success comes to those who reach out for it!

    • Martine Brooks

      Even just noticing where we might hold ourselves back is a good place to start. We’ll rationalise this of course. I did many times. But, if we can go beyond the fear amazing things can happen and the satisfaction of finally doing it is enormous. Thanks for your comment April.

  • Heidi

    I really like that you said that we already have all we need within us now. It is more a matter of tapping into our true potential and living the life we were meant to lead, rather than going out and finding ourselves. It’s all right here, we just need to choose the things that are important to us and would benefit us the most as we focus on them. We can always remind ourselves that experiences are for our good. Every experience is worthwhile if we can learn something from it, apply it, and move forward. Thank you for sharing these great thoughts!

    • Martine Brooks

      I love that you’ve noticed that you’ve picked up on that we have everything within us. Sometimes we just need to let go of thought altogether and go beyond the mind where there is nothing to fix and we are whole and complete. Then, if we can operate from there all unfolds beautifully.

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