How to be Successful in Life – Success Principle #7

Full steam ahead!

By now, I trust you have started to really be conscious of your mindset and begun to regain control, have started to become aware of falsely imposed self-limitations and are moving into being at cause and 100% responsible for your outcomes.

With that, we can move full steam ahead on to How to be Successful in Life – Success Principle #7.

The 10 Principles for Successful Living

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Principle Number 7 – Integrity and Intent


Let’s begin with intent.

Everything you do needs to be done from a space of intent.

Quantum physics teaches us that simply observing an event will change it.  What this means to me is to never buy into your limits or other peoples’ limits.

Let me explain that to you. Many people have beliefs around their limits.  They will have a belief about what it is they are not capable of doing.  Never believe those limits about you or others.  Never accept them as a truth.

Think about a time in your life when you doubted yourself and somebody else did to.  Did you feel very encouraged to create the change? – probably not.

Now think about a time when you really weren’t sure that you could do something and somebody around you believed in you 100% and they did not believe in your limit or buy that limit. They did not accept that limitation that you believed about yourself.  Did it become more available to you to be able to do?

Now maybe sometimes it didn’t but did it not sometimes become more available to you or a potential that perhaps you could do it.

If there is no one in your corner, find someone who is and in the meantime because ultimately we need to be able to do this ourselves, believe in your own potential and never sway.

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100% Capable

So, what I’m sharing with you is this – have an intent that you are totally capable of creating the change you are looking for and believe that it is possible in others.

Remember how good it feels when others have believed in you and give that to someone else.

Hold yourself as 100% capable and able to create that change.  Never buy into limits and know that you are capable.

I have a belief that all I need is within me right now. I have a belief about my clients that all they need is within them right now.  Everything they need, every resource, every part of the resourcefulness is within them right now – the courage, the compassion, the willingness, the desire, the intelligence, the wisdom, everything they need is within them right now to take action.

I want you to see the potential and the possibilities that open up by believing and holding your intention.  It isn’t necessarily your words because your words come from intent.  You need to see yourself as capable and able to create the change and nothing less will do.

It’s always a question of how can you create the change.  And that is an amazing gift to give yourself.

If you buy into a limitation and if you believe in a limit then what you are really doing is, you are buying your story of why you can’t do it.

And what you are not seeing or filtering in or focusing on is the truth of who you really are and what you are truly capable of.

Within each of us is everything we need. All the resources and the possibilities, the love, the courage, the resourcefulness, everything we need to create the change.

If you are using this in your personal or work life, it is to realise that simply by focusing in a certain way, you can influence the outcome.  Think of the power of that.  By simply turning up, you have created the change.

What is your intent, what intent do you have here?  What is your intention in terms of the change that is possible?

Do you see the possibilities or do you see limits and if you see limits how is that serving you?  What do you need to do to change that?  It’s not about avoiding or being rescued from pain or disappointment.  It’s seeing the opportunity for growth.


The Butterfly Effect

I want to share a story.

There was a man who watched a butterfly trying to come out of a cocoon.  He watched for hours in the sun and after 2 hours this butterfly had strained and pushed and pulled and was still stuck within this cocoon and unable to come out.

The man didn’t like that.  He said, this isn’t good, I need to help this butterfly. 

So, he went into the house and came out with a little baby pair of scissors and he cut open the cocoon.  The butterfly was free.  Now the butterfly sat in the sun drying off its wings and the guy sat there for a long time waiting for the butterfly to fly.

But what happened was the butterfly was maimed. He looked closely and he saw that the butterfly’s body was not fully formed and neither where the wings and after a while the butterfly died.  And he couldn’t understand it, so he went inside and did some research. And what he discovered was this – that the act of pushing through the cocoon, the strain and the pressure is what forces the fluids through the butterfly’s whole body and wings and it’s the only way it can become whole.

He learnt that by the act of rescuing he had condemned that butterfly to death. He condemned it because he hadn’t allowed the butterfly to go through the journey it needed to go through.

This is incredibly empowering because it is a perfect demonstration, a self-evident demonstration that when we are rescued or are not prepared to do the work or push through, that what we are really doing is condemning ourselves to not being able to experience the growth and the learning we need.

Your intent of being rescued or avoiding simply means that you will have to repeat this lesson later.


What this aspect of the Success Principle means is be in a place of integrity and be willing to challenge.

What I mean by this is, if you notice you are hiding behind a limiting belief or hiding behind an excuse or a story you have been telling yourself about why you can’t, then you must in terms of your integrity be willing to challenge yourself.

Ask the questions, how am I hiding now, how is this belief preventing me from growing?  What price am I paying for this limiting belief?

For now, I am just giving you a taste of how you can apply this principle.

In this context, integrity means – if the pattern doesn’t work, challenge yourself.

Have the integrity to say, I am noticing I’m doing a pattern right now that isn’t working for me?  How about I look at how I can get this to work.

It’s about having the courage to say, I am noticing I am doing a pattern that is not resourceful, how about I look at it.  That’s what this is about.

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  1. Notice your intent around anything you do and beware of any limitations whether self-imposed or that you have been taught bo believe by others.  Start to create some intentions that are resourceful and empowering and include integrity.
  2. Move forward with integrity.  This simply means being honest with yourself.  Where are you thinking or behaving unresourcefully?  To identify this, just ask, is what I am doing serving me well?  Will this action benefit or is it for the good of me, others or life generally (by this I mean all life including the environment/planet).  This also links with intent.  Remember that what we emanate or give we attract back.
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  4. Read my article on Awareness and the Power of Awareness so you can begin to learn more about and access your power beyond the mind and What is Mindfulness Practice? The Path to Happiness in order to really start to watch your thoughts.
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Have some fun with these Success Principles  Just give them a go. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

If you have any comments or feedback on this article please share.

Until next time, remember you are the Director of your life!


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  • tara

    The power of integrity and intent! What a good reminder to take a look at myself and think about taking responsibility for what I can change in order to be successful. I think we talk about integrity a lot but don’t think enough about how we can exude that.
    Intent also makes me think about the mind. The stories we tell ourselves can really influence whether we are able to reach our full potential or not. I can relate so much to this article and I like the way you have written a seperate article for each Success Principle!

  • Bryce Nielsen

    I really enjoyed this article, including the great pictures. Some of the concepts remind me strongly of the book “Think and Grow Rich”. I have been learning a lot recently about limitations and recognizing my potential to do things I never thought possible, such as creating my own website. I certainly plan to return to read all your other success principles as well. Thanks for sharing this!

  • Jeff

    I am impressed and grateful for all your guidance on how to be successful in life, and what I have found to be the majority of people’s downfall is the lack of self-confidence and faith in themselves. We must be confident we can succeed before we can actually be successful, and nothing is more motivating than having faith in ourselves and the ability to reach our dreams.

    What are some ways people can gain confidence who lack self-confidence,


    • Martine Brooks

      Great question and thanks. It depends on the approach that one wants to take. From a spiritual perspective one needs to access their true self or beingness beyond the mind through activities such as mindfulness/meditation. From this place there is nothing to fix and when we access this and hold this right action and word follows and there is no sense of lack, inadequacy or not being good enough. This is available to everyone. From a coaching perspective we can create our state. Just as we “do” low self-esteem (or we do a lack of self-confidence), we can also “do” confidence. This includes our physiology and our minds. I’ve written about how we do certain states or emotions throughout my articles on the 10 Principles for Successful Living, but to start I’ll point you here to Success Principle #4 The Map is not the Territory. I hope to write more on creating state at a later date. Thanks again for your comment and question. Martine

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