I'm bored and I don't know what to do

I’m bored and I don’t know what to do

There is no better time than now to give yourself permission to do or learn something you have always wanted.

So, if you are saying to yourself “I’m bored and I don’t know what to do”, I’m here to help.

There is a plethora of things to do including online courses, all of which can help you realise your true and pure potential.

So, what’s stopping you?

There can be many reasons why we have never done what we may have wanted to do.

Is there something you’ve always wanted to do, be or learn but felt you never had the time?

Or, have you convinced yourself that that thing that you always wanted to do or were passionate about as a kid isn’t really something you need or want now?  Maybe you have never felt deserving (but don’t even know it) or have felt that it is somehow selfish to do something for you?

Doing something for you doesn’t mean you are selfish.  When we give to ourselves, love ourselves enough to do for ourselves, we are much more able to give to others and love others.  And, we can see the importance and value in doing those things that bring us joy, educate, result in growth or broaden our experiences and so we will be more likely to encourage others to do so.

Personally, for as long as I can remember I had always wanted to sing.  But I convinced myself that it wasn’t something I wanted or needed anymore.  In fact, I gave myself very little exposure to music generally and yet I was musical.  I did that for over 30 years.  Tragic! Really, I think what was behind it was fear, fear of failure, fear of success, fear of making a mistake or not being perfect and probably fear of criticism (my self-criticism was the worst).

The reason why I didn’t do it really doesn’t matter though, for that wouldn’t change anything, but the fact remained I hadn’t for whatever reason.

But I reached a point some 30 years later that I thought it was now or never.

Until then, I had denied myself.  I had denied myself anything that would or could bring me joy or pleasure.  Now whether it was an age thing where I didn’t really care what others thought anymore and I was able to rationalise a little better and negate the negative self-talk of the ego that always threatens and too often succeeds in bringing you down, I don’t know.  Probably.   But, again, even that doesn’t matter.

The important point is that I finally decided I would pursue it.  I overcame whatever fear I had or whatever was holding me back and did it.  The key there was to stop thinking so much.

As a result, I ended up in a band and even sang on a cruise at the age of 48.  Who would have thought it?  It aint over till it’s over.

I could have beaten myself up about the fact that it had taken so long, what a waste, imagine what could have been if I had done it way back, but I didn’t.  The time was right when the time was right, but I would say to others, it’s never too late and just do it.  This is your life.

When you are on your death bed, you don’t want to be thinking that you didn’t do something because of what some person might have thought (whether stranger or not).  And quite possibly, you will be admired for doing it and an inspiration to others.  If on the surface others may criticize, it really reflects what is in them and it might just be envy.  Don’t let them hold you back.   Again, this is your life – live it!

So, here are my ideas on what you can learn or do if you are bored and don’t know what to do.

Sometimes people don’t even know or have ‘forgotten’ what it was they were once passionate about, so that’s where I will start.

I’ve tried to introduce those activites that bring you into presence a little too more because when we are present we can never be bored.

11 Ideas to Start you Off

1. Meditation

I know this might seem like a strange activity to suggest, but if you have been conditioned to let go of any dreams you may have had and life has gotten in the way along with the mind obscuring any clarity you may not actually know what to do.

So, my advice is to meditate.


Meditation creates a stillness within.  It quietens the mind so we can go beyond the mind.

From that stillness comes clarity, the answers.

So, if you’re unclear right now on what to do, meditate – the answers will come.  And, meditation has great health benefits as well for mind and body, so why not?

It is the best thing you will ever do for yourself.

Read my article Simple Meditation Techniques for Beginners or see my list of Top 5 Best Value for Money Guided Meditations if you need some help.

If you are feeling bored alot of the time, feel like something is missing or you feel you life is meaningless and you are trying to fill it this might be a good time to really start to explore who you really are beyond the mind.

I’ve researched and have come up with my Top 6 Online Meditation Courses – click here to find out more. All are affordable and of great quality.

2. Jigsaws

I have recently started to do jigsaws and in particular 3D jigsaws.  I love them.  And, they are actually a great meditative tool in that when you do them you are very focused and present.  It’s great.  My favourites at the moment are the Wrebbit 3D jigsaws.  I’ve completed 4 so far.  I’m hooked!  Once you get your head around them, they’re so satisfying when you start to construct and when they are finally completed.

I’ve provided a link here to a Game of Thrones “The Red Keep” jigsaw.  If that doesn’t take your fancy there are plenty of others to choose from.

Wrebbit The Red Keep 3D Jigsaw

3. Write a Book

Believe it or not, we all have something to share, even if it’s our life story.  We are as interesting as those we think have great stories to tell.  

Your experiences can be wondrous and inspiring to others.  I bet that even if you think your life is ordinary it would be very interesting to others.

Perhaps there is something you have knowledge about that you want to share?

Maybe you want to help others through your own experiences or education?

And remember, you don’t need to write War and Peace.  Perhaps it’s just a mini book.

Writing a book doesn’t have to be as hard as you think.

Learn how to write a book here with Brian Tracy International

4. Arts and Craft

Creativebug offers online video arts and crafts workshops and techniques. Learn how to paint, knit, crochet, sew, screen print, and more!

They also do baking and cake decorating!

Click here to see what Creativebug has on offer.

3. Learn how to play an Instrument

It’s true what they say, music is good for the soul.

If you don’t have that instrument you’ve always wanted to learn to play, buy it and learn to play it. 

Buy it here:

Glarry Music for guitars, drums (they have junior kits too), strings, ukeleles, banjos, melodicas, saxophones and accessories.

Learn how to play guitar through Pronto GuitarGuitar Success  or Guitar Coaching

5. Learn a Language

Have you ever wanted to learn the language of love or any other for that matter.

italki offers language courses for those wanting to learn any language.  Fancy French, Italian, Russian or Hebrew.  How about Hindi or German.

You name it, they’ve got it.

They offer customised learning, 1 to 1 teaching and you only pay per lesson.  And you can have your lesson anytime, anywhere.

Visit iTalki and become fluent in the language of your choice here.

6. Get Fit

Start to look after your mind and body more than ever before. 

From high intensity to something gentler.  It’s all available.

Something is better than nothing.

Try Yoga, or QiGong.  If you’re not sure which one, check out my article on movement meditations here and get some Yoga Accessories if you need.

7. Become a Life Coach

I am a certified life coach and I have to say training to become a coach was one of the best things I have ever done (apart from being coached myself).  You learn much about yourself, and how to manage and master the mind and hence behaviours that you can use to create the life you want, not to mention being able to help others.

Learn to be a life coach here at Coach Training Alliance

8. Become a mindfulness meditation teacherHow to become a meditation teacher

This is sure to whet your appetite if you have considered becoming a mindfulness meditation teacher.

Why not?  Good for you and good to share with others.

Sounds True Presents A FREE Video Series with Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach on the


Join Jack and Tara for this FREE five-video series and learn:

  • How to train other people in quieting the mind and nurturing self-kindness
  • How to cultivate a collective sense of interconnection, compassion, and wisdom
  • How to help someone uncover the “Golden Buddha” within
  • The incredible benefits of mindfulness and compassion training as demonstrated by neuroscience research.

9. Become a blogger – Create a website – Earn Money from Home

You can create a website, become a niche specific publisher (blogger) and earn money through affiliate marketing.Affiliate Marketing - How to make money online

Let me tell you, you can write about anything and you can make money from writing about anything.

What do you know about or what are you passionate about that you would like to share and help people with?  It might be fixing cars, how to apply makeup, gardening or even sharing your business knowledge.   You don’t even have to know right now because it will come.   If the desire is there, the rest will follow.

If you think you’re not technically proficient enough – think again.  It might sound hard, but there is support out there to get you started.

Wealthy Affiliate have a great platform where you can learn and earn as you go.

It has ongoing training, technical and community support, the founders are accessible and they can also host your website.  It’s a one stop shop.

With 2,000,000 members I think that says a lot.

You can also try it for free.  Worth a shot.  Check them out here!

10. Spiritual Development

Your Pure PotentialThis is the ultimate in personal growth.

If you could only learn one thing, then this would be my recommendation.

Everything comes together, clarity, direction, love, drive, calm, right thought, word and action when we get in touch with our being.  That is, we go beyond the world of form to the formless.

From this place we are infinitely more intelligent and we are present.  This is where our experience of life is transformed.  Here there is nothing to fix about ourselves or others.  It’s a wonderful place to be.  And, we’re definitely not bored.

To learn and experience a better way of being and living consider an online meditation, mindfulness or awareness course.

See my picks here.

11. Allsorts

Udemy have a plethora of courses from presentation skills, to photography, science, programming and even dance.

Likewise, CreativeLive offer classes in the following categores: Photography & Video, Art & Design, Money & Life, Craft & Maker and Music & Audio.  Lots of options.

Do something, anything and just have fun doing it!

I hope I have whetted your appetite and you decide to take the leap to do something for you.

Life live learn and grow

There’s so much out there and there is something for you.

And remember, if you feel unsure about what to pursue just pick something – anything or meditate.

It’s often in the doing that we determine our likes and dislikes or it takes us in a direction or opens doors to experiences we would have never thought of or thought possible.  We don’t know what we don’t know and we can be limited by our conditioning.

We all have different passions and dreams. Realise yours.

If fear creeps in read my article How to be Successful in Life – 10 things you must know”.

Until next time, go forth with ease and just be!

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  • Kevin

    I agree with you fully on that. I should have started my own blog years ago but I made a couple of mistakes and I thought I could never do it again. But now I am back and have focus for the future. Cheers

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