I’m not satisfied!

Have you felt yourself saying I’m not satisfied or I’m just dissatisfied.  You may even be at the point where you feel that everything is meaningless or there is no meaning in your life.

Let me tell you, you’re not alone and quite honestly most people (unless you have some awareness or are enlightened) will feel this at some point. So, I’m going to give you some insights here on why you are saying to yourself “I’m not satisfied”.

Perhaps you are beginning to realise that no matter what you acquire or what you achieve, that is, what you do or have, whether it be a relationship, material possessions, exciting holidays, a new career and status that it’s never quite enough and so you move to the next thing believing that once you have or do that, that it is that that will make you feel ok or happy.

You won’t find happiness out there!

I’m sorry to break it to you (though I’m not actually because once you know what I’m about to tell you, your life and experience of life will be better than you ever imagined) but nothing external to you will ever fulfil you.  You will never be satisfied.  You may be for a moment, a week, a month or maybe even a year but within a fairly short period of time you will as mentioned previously be looking for the next thing to make you feel ok, it won’t, you will try again, it won’t, and on and on it goes.

You are likely to do this over and over and over again until one day you may just feel empty.

You may not even know why because you may look around at everything you have and everything you’ve achieved or experienced and wonder why you still never just feel ok.  Or, you may just feel exhausted, feel you can’t do it anymore but not really know what “it” is that you can’t do anymore or maybe you just feel flat.

What you have been doing subconsciously though (along with 99% of the population who are under the same erroneous belief) is looking outward for your sense of fulfilment.  Nothing external to you will ultimately bring you the happiness you are searching or hoping for. Perhaps you have even come to that understanding or realisation yourself.

We’ve all been there, haven’t we?  New car – great!  A week later we don’t even think about it.  A year or a few on, time for an upgrade.  It will never end until we become aware of what’s going on and where real peace and joy resides.

Scary or life changing?

This might seem like a scary or unsettling prospect – to know that all that you do, or have been doing or will do in the future will not make you feel any better.

But, if you’ve lived long enough, you will know that feeling of dissatisfaction or even meaninglessness (and there are some who will experience it or have that realisation earlier than others).

But to know this means you can begin to live a different way with the understanding and experience of where satisfaction, peace and fulfilment actually lies. So, it’s definitely life changing!

From this place you will be able to live with freedom, without the constant pressure and never-ending cycle of striving (dare I say with anxiety and force), acquisition, fleeting happiness and dissatisfaction/emptiness – repeat.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that one can’t strive, achieve or acquire.  Though I would ask the question – why are you doing it and for what purpose?  I’m also not saying that you have to renounce things and live like a monk or that you can’t appreciate what comes your way.

On the contrary, being appreciative of where you are at now or what you have is extremely important.  Click here for my article on gratitude.

What is crucial is that you have to know that your sense of okay’ness is not dependent on anything outside of or external to you.  You need to feel a sense of fulfilment with or without those things.  Paradoxically, you are more likely to attract things to you, but you know that you no longer need it.

This understanding and ultimately experiencing is life changing!  Your experience of life will be transformed.

A transformed life – how do you get there?

I will say that the expression “getting there” is more of the same really. It’s the same as saying once I have the new house, I’ll feel good.  It’s the ego in action.

Presence is key – knowing yourself beyond your mind/ego.  Here you connect with your essence or consciousness.  Here there is nothing to fix, be or get.  Here, you are complete.  You connect with all life – there is a oneness.

Presence also includes mindfulness which is really just being aware of your thoughts and what’s going on emotionally (but focusing on the body in order to transmute this).

You can do this through meditation and just increasing your awareness of your mind activity.  Most of the time our mind or emotions is running the show and it’s not always a good show.

I’ve listed a few key articles for you to read to gain a clearer understanding of presence, the power of awareness and mindfulness:

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What is Mindfulness Practice? The Path to Happiness

I hope that this article has opened a door for you on your path of being more fulfilled, at peace and will find you no longer saying “I’m not satisfied”.

Go forth with ease and just be!


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