Living in a Visioning State in Your 40s, 50s & Beyond with Michael Beckwith – Course Review

If you have read my previous articles you will see that I have undertaken many online courses.  The online course Living in a Visioning State in Your 40s, 50s & Beyond with Michael Beckwith is yet another.

I’m going to keep my Living in a Visioning State in Your 40s, 50s & Beyond with Michael Beckwith Course Review fairly brief this time however as you can click here to get all of the information around what the course includes.  I will cover the fundamentals first though:

Product:                               Living in a Visioning State in Your 40s, 50s & Beyond with Michael Beckwith

Price:                                     $97 (but this is only if you wish to following the FREE 1 HOUR EVENT)

Duration:                             5 weeks

Rating                                   3.5 stars

For starters – Hooray!

I like that Michael Beckwith has fashioned a course for people in their 40s, 50s and beyond.  So many people in this age bracket can feel like it’s all over and this is reinforced by society in that this demographic is often not the focus of any real positive and uplifting life enforcing products or messages. Often the messages are more around evoking fear, for example funeral insurance, pain medications, the litany of medical problems we now have to watch out for etc.  But it aint over till it’s over.

There is so much life to be lived and people of this age bracket have so much to offer and to be valued for and so just from this perspective alone, thanks have to go to Michael Beckwith.

That said, this course is really useful for any person despite their age – everyone needs to know these principles.

Who is Michael Beckwith?

Michael Beckwith has been around forever.  You might recall his cameo in the movie The Secret which looked at the Law of Attraction etc.  Of course, his work is by no means limited to that.  Michael is a New Thought minister, author, and founder of the Agape International Spiritual Center in Beverly Hills, California.  Some of his supporters include Oprah and Deepak Chopra.

Though one might sense a slight religious connotation, for me this doesn’t take away from the spiritual aspect of his teachings which I feel predominate.  He is certainly not about espousing doctrine as far as I can see, but meditation, affirmative (affirmations) prayer and mastering the mind (certainly this course) in the first instance and then moving beyond this.

Let me start off by saying that I really like Michael Beckwith.  He has that air of the evangelical in how he delivers but without being over the top.  My sense of him is that I can trust him and I believe he is genuine and authentic.  Let’s just say it’s a feeling, but there is no reason to discard one’s intuition.  We know at a deep level if someone is genuine.

So, I feel he is coming from a pure place of wanting to help others.

Thoughts on the course

Many people often access such teachings or courses because they want to manifest what they don’t have.

I find that what Michael does here is to integrate what I would term coaching principles around mindset and then transitions into the transformative world of accessing your being beyond the mind.

I have to say that as a Personal Development Coach myself I had personally struggled with how to integrate the two as I see them as very distinct and vastly different approaches and ultimately one being more powerful and/or sustaining and sustainable than the other.

For me that is transformation through going beyond the mind to where your being lies.  In this place, all is well and your experience of life and how you feel changes and certainly what you will ultimately attract or manifest.  But I understand that everyone is at different stages and so Michael’s approach does this well.

He is really capturing people at whatever stage they are at.  He takes the approach that one has to experience the nature of what the universe can provide (manifest) which is first achieved “by you” through effortful mind-based practices.

In essence, mastering the mind, for example “positive thinking” and “embodiment”, that is to say really feeling what it is that you want and in true coaching type form feeling as though you have what you want right now.

This is really about looking at one’s beliefs, changing them, watching your thoughts and changing them if they are for instance negative and imagining (which we can have copious limitations around).  Why?  Because any contrary beliefs or thoughts can limit manifestation.  Makes sense, right?  And, it does work.  Personally, I can testify to this.

Course structure

So, Michael will take you through the 4 frequencies of consciousness.  This is excellent in providing understanding and taps in to where you might be, what you can apply to each stage to activate it and how to move beyond.

The 4 Frequencies of Consciousness:

  1. Victim – (to me)
  2. Manifester (by me)
  3. Channel (through me)
  4. Being (as me)

5 Modules

There are 5 modules to be accessed over 5 weeks though of course you can access at your pace.

5 x videos of at least 1.25 hours in length with an additional excerpt from the videos so you can access just the guided practice.

You will also have access to transcripts and handouts.

Supplementary Bonus Materials

In addition, there are 3 supplementary bonus materials.

Life Visioning Michael Beckwith Bonus

Free event before you commit to the course

Before you sign up for the course, you have access to a free 1-hour video event with Michael.  You do have to register but it’s worth it and gives you a taste.

During this hour, you’ll discover:

How to move from the limitations of visualization and the Law of Attraction to live in a visioning state — connected with your soul and attuned to the Divine;

The 4 stages of spiritual growth, development, and unfoldment — Victim, Manifester, Channel, and Being — the characteristics of each stage, and how we move through them;

Why you may be ideally positioned at this stage to experience your life as a visionary;

Why visualization may not work for you — and how to live in a visioning state;

How to integrate ALL that is, as it is (without shame or blame), in moving toward your vision to truly live in a visioning state;

A powerful practice in which Michael will guide you to begin connecting with the visioning state and the gifts straining to emerge through you.

Was my glass half full or empty?

The only hiccup I had was when I emailed The Shift Network with a question in relation to accessing the online community.  Basically, I couldn’t. The Shift Network markets this program on behalf of Michael Beckwith.  Disappointingly, I received no response.  Aside from that though all other access went smoothly.  I can’t say this took away from the experience at all.

I did question whether the course was developed through an amalgamation of video talks that Michael had created previously and then just merged to create a course.  I felt at times that it was perhaps disjointed or fell short in terms of guidance and yet there were other aspects that I felt were actually created for the course.  Perhaps it was a mix of both.

As I have been on this journey for years, I feel that I wanted more around going beyond the mind as I had experienced the power of mastering the mind.   Or rather, perhaps it was that I felt I had an understanding of this aspect and so didn’t need to go over this.  However, having said that, it doesn’t hurt to be reminded, you can always learn more and often there might be a slight variation that can be helpful, so in that respect all was not lost.

Overall, for me personally my glass was 3/4 full.

For people that want to learn more around mastering the mind and practice this, it’s a good option.  And, of course, there is just enough information or a whetting of the appetite to go beyond the mind too.  I think it’s a gentle easing into this aspect without it scaring anyone off as being too out there.

Finally, I have to say, he does instil a sense of how wondrous we really are and our true potentiality regardless of our age.  So, you have nothing to lose by accessing Michael Beckwith’s free teaching at least.

Why not!

You can reserve your FREE space for Living in a Visioning State in Your 40s, 50s & Beyond: Discover 4 Frequencies of Consciousness to Radiate Your Soul’s Calling here.

Please leave a comment below and tell me your thoughts once you’ve accessed your free 1 hour.

Best wishes.  Go forth with ease and just be!



  • Marketa

    Hi there and thanks for this really great review.
    It’s really great that there’s a free component – I haven’t accessed it yet but am about to. I think that sometimes to commit to something like this is a little difficult when you don’t know what it’s going to be like. I’ll let you know how I go 🙂

  • Tom

    Hey Martine,

    I’m glad I came across this article. I am still only 38 but I have a long term plan for myself that goes into my 40’s, and I am looking at these types of courses to help me.

    I like the idea of the free event before I make any commitment to the course, as I would like to find out as much as I can that can hopefully influence my decision in a positive way.

    I will let you know if I do eventually invest in this course and if I do, I will share my thoughts on it.

    Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work.

    All the best,


  • Ceci

    Thanks for the review Martine.
    A friend had spoken to me about Michael Beckwith a couple of months back . I think she had watched a segment with him on an Oprah show. she was quite enamoured by it. So once I stumbled on this article with, I had to give it a read.
    I’ve signed up for the free one-hour video so I can have a better understanding of what to expect in the course Living in a VIsioning State in Your 40’s , 50’s and beyond. Mindset is really important.


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