Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Online Training – Review

Why the MBSR course?

I’ve done a lot and I mean a lot of courses in my time and many of those have been online including those around mindfulness and meditation.  And, I’ve listened to audios, watched videos, read a lot of books and been on retreats both in the flesh and online.  Let’s just say I’ve been exposed to quite a lot on my journey of self-improvement although these days I’d probably term it awareness/consciousness.

If you suffer from anxiety or stress or just want to experience more calm in your life and all of the associated benefits that that brings, then the MBSR online course is a great way to start.

I’ve researched the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Online Course (MBSR) and I think that it’s great value for money.

It’s all about mindfulness and mindfulness meditation which is the quickest and most effective way to reduce stress.  The beauty of mindfulness is that it’s not all about sitting and meditating for an hour (we don’t all have time for that), you can bring mindfulness into your life on the spot and feel its effects immediately.

I would say that even without the current reduction in price by $100.00.  At only $197 over 8 weeks that equates to only $24.62 a week.  Hey, I spend that much on coffees in a week.

So, it’s not a lot to pay given what you will get both during the course and through what you will have learnt to apply throughout your life.

Nevertheless, let me get to the nitty gritties.

Product:  The Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Online Course (MBSR)

Price:  $197.00 (reduced from $297)

Instalment plan:  Yes, 3 monthly payments of $79

Duration:  8 weeks

Guarantee:  100% money back guarantee for 1 year

My Rating:  Go for it!


The MBSR Product Overview


In the course promo it states that this is the most scientifically studied, tested & proven mindfulness training program.

For me, I don’t actually need that assurance these days because I know that mindfulness is where it is at, it’s key.  I’ve used it and continue to use it.

And, when I am at my most productive and most relaxed, happiest and in flow, and most importantly the most connected, it is when I am mindful.

Having said that, I understand the need and reassurance of knowing that the course has been created and delivered by a credible and reputable source.  It certainly played a part in my recommendation.

If that is what you need in order to feel comfortable, then this is the program to choose.

It is scientifically informed and follows the same method taught at the Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care, and Society at the University of Massachusetts Medical School.

Intent of the MBSR program

As the name implies, the intent of the program is related to stress reduction but also to move toward greater balance, control and participation in your life.

What is contained in the MBSR online course?

  • The course consists of 8 weekly classes and 1 day long online retreat.
  • Topics and activities include body scanning, mindful hatha yoga, sitting meditation, walking meditations.

I personally have participated in all of these and they are great methods for increasing mindfulness, so don’t let them scare you. 

I certainly wasn’t a guru or well-practised nor necessarily diligent or disciplined in any of these when I first started out. 

I did what I could as well as I could and was gentle with myself along the way. I did reap the benefits though in being more at peace and my experience of life improved greatly.

  • You will learn about the physiological and psychological bases of stress reactivity and experience mindful strategies.
  • You will identify where you get stuck in repeating unhealthy patterns and how to apply mindfulness.
  • Enhanced resilience.
  • How to integrate and maintain what you have learnt into your daily life.

What you’ll get 

  • More than 16 hours of downloadable video and audio instruction on mindfulness meditation, stretching, mindful yoga, and guidance for enhancing awareness in everyday life.

I’m glad they provide downloadable resources as this is important as you go forward following completion of the course.

  • Online journal to record and reflect about your experience.
  •  A Year of Mindfulness: You’ll receive weekly e-mails with practice suggestions to help you live more mindfully all year.
  • A Self-Guided Retreat—A Day of Mindfulness.
  • Certificate of Completion – and if you are interested this can start you on your teacher training path.

Plus, you’ll get 3 x Special Bonuses as follows:

Results and Benefits


Though the course title refers to stress reduction, mindfulness has a multitude of additional health benefits.

Essentially, mindfulness produces greater balance and with a focus on presence raises our conscious awareness and our connection to ourselves, others and all life.

It increases our sense of health and wellbeing.

With that, we live better and experience the joy of life with an underlying calm free from fear and debilitating thought processes that produce suffering.  I can’t think of anything better.

Two decades of published research indicates that the majority of people who complete the MBSR curriculum report:

  • Lasting decreases in physical and psychological symptoms
  • Improved self-esteem
  • Greater energy and enthusiasm for life
  • Reductions in pain levels and an enhanced ability to cope with pain that may not go away
  • An increased ability to relax
  • An ability to cope more effectively with both short- and long-term stressful situations

More than 24,000 people have taken this online course and so in terms of quality and satisfaction it has to be pretty good.  And there are more than 750 MBSR programs in hospitals, clinics, and as free-standing programs on six continents.

Mindfulness Works


From someone who has suffered and stressed, let me say that you will never regret delving into this area.

And let me just say that mindfulness is not something you have to try to reach, we have this within, we just have to remember or rather become more in tune with it (once we declutter our minds), so rest assured you to will find it.  Guidance can help with this and that’s where the course comes in.

I have been on many retreats, practised mindfulness and meditation and as mentioned previously these things have been the most life changing in all aspects of my life.

So, my recommendation is to definitely take the leap and with a satisfaction guarantee you can’t go wrong.

To enrol now, click below:


  • Andrey

    Dear Martine.
    Thank you very much for your fantastic website. It is amazing that you show people where to start and what steps to make towards peace of mind and happiness. I hope more people will know about your website and follow your guidance.
    Kind regards,

    • Martine

      Thanks Yama, it’s also great if people just feel an underlying dissatisfaction or just don’t feel right. When I first started out I couldn’t really pinpoint what was wrong but I just felt like something was missing or I just needed something but I didn’t know what. Meditation and mindfulness provided the key.

  • Andrew

    This course sounds like a really good beginning point for anyone who realizes that they need to become more of themselves and their environment to improve their life experience. Mindfulness is definitely the way to develop a greater understanding of ourselves and our place in the world.
    I agree that mindfulness is not something that we have to reach, and instead is something that we all already possess. However, we all do utilize this skill to different degrees, and some people do not seem to be aware of anything! This course sounds great for those who wish to gain more control over themselves and this, in turn, will help them towards creating a better life experience.
    Many thanks for sharing.

    • Martine

      Definitely taking an wholistic approach is great. We can definitely live a more peaceful and calm life when we learn how. Thankyou for your feedback, it’s much appreciated.

  • Deatrice

    Hello MartineB,
    You are a woman after my own Heart. I was lucky enough to have been born into a family of Healers so I have been meditating since childhood. I’m putting your Website in my Favorites so that I can return and order the Course at a later date. I’m not much into Guided Meditations because I find the voice doing the guiding is too distracting. For me, to quiet my mind or Ego Self, I need either complete silence or the sounds of nature. I’ve kept a Dream and Vision Journal all my life documenting my experiences during meditation. You can read about some of them on my Website. To me meditation is all about raising the vibration of our Spiritual body in order to get connected to those Higher Levels of Spiritual energy within us. Maintaining that connection is so important in helping us in our daily lives. However, I loved your Review of the Product. It was very informative and thought provoking. Great Job!

    • Martine

      Oh thankyou Deatrice, that’s lovely. Yes, silence is golden. As you say, it connects us to our being and all life. Meditation definitely helps with our daily lives. Thankyou very much for your thoughtful comment.

  • Cathy Allen

    I’ve read a few books on MBSR. I agree just from what I’ve read that it can be a serious help for reducing stress in many people. I eventually quit reading the books. To be able to just sit and meditate with the help of a coach to guide one along seems like a good investment, no matter what the cost. My best wishes to all who indulge.

    • Martine

      Yes meditation is definitely part of the Minfulness Based Stress Reduction Online Training but it also incorporates hatha yoga and learning about the physiological and psychological bases of stress and strategies to manage them, identifying unhealthy patterns that keep you stuck and how to integrate and maintain what you have learnt into your daily life.  I think this aspect is really important.  Thanks very much for your feedback. 

  • shariful islam

    Many thanks to you for sharing such an excellent article with us .I think mindfulness is a very important thing in our life because if the mind is not good then no work can be done and no work can be successful.I think that doing this course will help keep me healthy.People like me who know about your website and read this article will follow your guidance.I will collect it as much as possible and share new experiences with you later.

    • Martine

      Thankyou Shariful.  Mindfulness can help with so many aspects of ones life.  I would love to here about your experiences with the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Online Training.  

  • Jesse

    This is a very interesting point of view and a wonderful review.  Stress is all around us in this fast paced life we live in. I am someone who often experiences stress but I have never considered something like MBSR. I will look more into it now.  I can’t believe I have never heard of this before. I have even visited cities like Sedona Arizona, Santa Fe New Mexico and visited Vortexes, spiritiual mind and body stores and still have never been introduced to this.  Maybe the store employees were not the owners and they did not convey more of the essence of their products or knowledge across to the customer. Thank you so much for sharing.

    • Martine

      Thankyou Jesse.  I can’t recommend mindfulness and meditation enough.  I’m glad I’ve finally been able to introduce you to it.  It can change your experience of life in so many ways.  I would love to hear how you get on with the MBSR.  It’s $100 off at the moment so well worth it if you can.  Martine 

  • Robert

    Thank you for this review of the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction online training course. With all of the negativity in society these days and the stress that comes with it, anything that can reduce stress and bring more harmony to one’s life is well worth trying. Though there will be some that will claim many ways to achieve balance, this training seems to be a great place to start.

    First off this training course is not expensive at all, especially when you can pay for it in three monthly installments. In addition being able to download videos and take this course from the comfort of your home, helps greatly in the absorption of the knowledge you will gain. Personally I like using essential oils in a diffuser to help me relax. Does this course advocate such things to enhance its effectiveness?

    • Martine

      Hi Robert, I can’t say with certainty that the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Online Training course advocates the use of essential oils per se, but I would suspect that they would not disapprove of it if it helps the individual to relax.  As long as one isn’t ingensting any mind or body altering substances I can’t see any issues.  Over time it shouldn’t be necessary to use essential oils etc as you become more adept at meditating and personally I find that less can become more.  But, having said that, I have used them (or incense which has been used for eons in relation to meditation – you’ve actually given me a topic to research – so thank you) along with candles etc and it does create a lovely ambience. You are right, it definitely brings much more harmony to ones life and improved overall health.  Thank you very much for your thoughtful comment. 

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