Online Retreats in Real Time

My fingers have been walking

I have been combing the internet looking for and researching online retreats.  In particular, I was searching specifically for online retreats for women and men, couples retreats and retreats for everyday life.

And even more specifically I was looking for the more traditional meditation/spiritual based online retreats that are focused on deepening concentration, insight, raising our awareness and consciousness and getting in touch with our true self.

Really, the conclusion is that many retreats, particularly those that are online are not specifically designed for any of these cohorts, they are suitable for everyone and that’s a great thing.  It’s not divisive and the principles apply whether you are male or female, coupled or single.

Few and far between

But, I have to say that the vast majority that are available (and there are but only a few) are live recordings of retreats aside from the ‘in person’ retreats.

The fact that they are recorded isn’t necessarily a bad thing either. They are a great option if you can’t attend a retreat due to time, cost or other factors.  See my article Best Ways to Meditate at Home – Top Retreat Tips.

Recorded retreats also give you the opportunity to be exposed to some of the Masters such as Eckhart Tolle that you wouldn’t ordinarily be exposed to or perhaps only minimally through the odd YouTube video etc.   So, they are great for that and you will feel a greater connection with the teacher than you would ordinarily feel.

Aside from the controlled conditions one experiences attending a retreat in the flesh, there is no reason why you cannot experience great transformation, profound insights or a growth in your awareness, mindfulness or meditation practice.

Read on though if you want a real time connection.

Real Time Connection

But, what if you want to experience a retreat at the time that it is actually running but can’t for some reason actually physically be there, would like to be connected with others (including the teacher) in real time or you just want to be home whilst you do it?

Though it was difficult to find retreats online, I finally have the answer.  As I said, I frequently comb the net searching for such things and they are few and far between but I did find two.

Update: I originally provided details of two online retreats in this article, but I have since deleted one. Why?

Upon further investigation and without going in to great detail  I questioned the legitimacy and genuineness of the Buddhist Monk upon which this retreat’s teachings were based and delivered.

Although I can appreciate that not all Monks are enlightened and are on their own journey as are we all, my sense was that this person was untruthful, defensive, self-important and very much in ego. Therefore, I would question his ultimate motives.

As a consequence I have deleted information about this particular retreat. I’d rather be safe than sorry as the well-being of my readers is paramount.

So, that left me with one online retreat that I can share with you.

Here we go.

Online Retreats – Meditative and Spiritual

#1 – A New Way of Being

A Revolution of Being 2020 Online Retreat with Adyashanti

This is a 2 month Online RetreatAdyashanti

When:  11 March to 29 April (registrations close 8 March)

Cost: $390.00 (scholarships available)

I mentioned in a previous post relating to doing a meditation retreat at home that part of the beauty of being at home whilst retreating is that you can actually integrate what you are learning into your daily life in a very practical and real way.

This is often the challenge if one attends a retreat center for a period of time and then returns home without the support and/or the controlled environment one experiences on a retreat.  It can be a little overwhelming following a retreat (as you are bombarded by a cacophony of sound and activity upon your return into ‘real’ life) and therefore it can be challenging to maintain your practise and integrate what you have learnt.

What I love about this online retreat is that that is the premise of this retreat.  Adyashanti acknowledges this aspect (i.e. integrating when you return home) and so has developed the retreat on this basis.  You are participating in a retreat amidst your life, within your normal environment, as you are going about your day to day life with your work and other commitments and responsibilities.

I think this is wonderful and because of this you will really be able to see the change that retreating and practising at home can have on every area of your life and your interactions.

I can’t actually think of a better way to see how the benefits of retreat can actually impact your life.  And at least this way with a teacher with you for two months, you can actually ask questions and be guided (something you can’t do if you use a recorded retreat).

In some cases, people do attend retreats in the flesh for some 2-3 months but these are usually those people that are massively committed to their spiritual growth and therefore have structured their life to allow for such retreats, or it’s a calling e.g. they may be monks, nuns etc.

Outside of that though, most retreats that you attend as a layperson are either a weekend or at the most a week in duration.

This online retreat is for a period of two months.  This may sound daunting, but if you are committed you will get so much more out of it.  Importantly though, you also need to remember that you will not be retreating all day and night.

I mean this in the sense that you will not be cloistered away or have to sit in front of your computer for 8 hours a day and listen to the retreat teachings or put a stop to your every day life.

The course is designed around the fact that you are living your daily life.  Perfect!

But the beauty is that you will have access to Adyashanti through live broadcasts and call in questions and via email direct to Adyashanti.

Also, you are able to participate in conference calls (virtual gatherings) that involve small breakout group with other retreatants to connect, share and inquire together.  So, you’ll get your connection here too and the encouragement you may need to keep going.

In addition, after the retreat ends you will have access to all materials for 60 days and you can also download all audio so you can access them at anytime in the future – they’re yours.

Following is an extract of what you can expect:

Adyashanti Online Retreat

To learn more about the Adyashanti Online Retreat click here.


#2 Another option

If this option doesn’t suit, as mentioned, I have sourced a couple of recorded retreats that might be of interest to you.

Eckhart Tolle

These are retreats by Eckhart Tolle, a Master.  I will always be an advocate of his.  He brings much calm and peace to me and others I believe whether one is in his actual presence or not.  And, I believe his consciousness transcends the need to be in his presence and thus can still have a great impact on us.

The teachings are the teachings wherever you may be and they can be just as transforming.

You can create your own retreat at home and use these as a guide.

Just click on the images below to learn more.

Deepening the Dimension of Stillness A Retreat Eckhart TolleFindhorn Retreat Eckhart Tolle









Whatever resonates for you whether it be a recorded retreat, a physical retreat or an online retreat I encourage you to try it out.

Retreats are perfect for everyday life, women, men and couples. 

Here’s the link again:

A Revolution of Being 2020 with Adyashanti

Retreats are life changing.  I am testament to that.

I wish you well and would love to hear about your experience or your thoughts on this article.

Go forth with ease and just be!



  • Andrew

    Hi Martine.
    Many thanks for your research to find these tools. I never thought of doing an online retreat before, but can imagine that it can be very beneficial.
    I have previously done some Vipashana meditation retreats, for 3 days and 10 days, and found that afterwards time is needed to reintigrate slowly back into the ‘real’ world! Other people thought I was acting weird when I came back because, of course, the experience of 10 days silence had changed me. I thought they were all weird for being so busy and distracted all of the time 🙂
    I also am a fan of Eckhart Tolle, and will look into his recorded materials .
    All the best,

    • Martine Brooks

      Haha yes. After my silent retreat I got lost driving home lol. You really notice the frenzy when you come back. Yes, nice to have another option like an online retreat. I hope you do look more into Eckhart Tolle. He’s also running a retreat in Hawaii in October. Something I’m looking at too. Thanks for your comment.

    • Martine Brooks

      Hi Marketa, no, not necessarily. I believe both can be transformative. Obviously, the experience will be different, but I just think it’s good to have options. We can’t always leave home. I think it’s always good to try to apply as we go about our day to day lives. And, doing an online retreat at the same time means hopefully we will have what we are learning upmost in our minds and a greater awareness and be more mindful than we otherwise would be. I’m actually going to do it myself. The other option is to create your own meditation retreat at home and use recorded retreats. This can work well. I’ve also done that. Thanks for your question and good luck!

  • Joanne DeVries

    I love your website. I don’t know much about online retreats but you are very knowledgeable about the subject.

    Maybe if you gave a brief description of what an online retreat is, it may be easier for the reader to understand the rest of the post.

    The other thing is the third paragraph under “a revolution of being”, doesn’t make sense so it makes it hard to follow the rest of the paragraph.

    You have a fantastic site. Wish I had half the content on my site that you have on yours. I’m just starting my site so there isn’t much to see but a few posts.

  • Twack Romero

    It has to be said, unitl I read your article, I did not know that this type of retreat actually existed. Why I was unaware, I have no idea. I had always had the traditional image in my head of going somewhere to ‘retreat’. In fact it is something that has caused a few interesting conversations in the past.

    Having been through some turbulent mental times, the thought of being able to go someone and just be, with guidance, was exceptionally appealing. It has never transpired for a number of reasons. There’s always a good reason not to do something.

    Now, it seems, that there is the ideal solution. Out of the few that you have covered, the one that stands out for me, is the Loving-Kindness one. That’s not just becasue it’s free. It’s more to do with me classing myself as a novice. There’s no need for me to pretend otherwise. In my own small way, I have taken onboard some of the practice of ‘unconditional love’ and the chance to quiet one’s mind is something I would gladly like to be part of.

  • fyre

    Any chance to meditate with others is a good day in my book.  When I retreat online I try to catch sessions when they are live.  I like knowing people are present in the moment.  However, it’s someone I really jibe with I’ll listen to recordings as well.  Alan Watts is one of my favs even though he’s not on this plane physically any longer.

    I love global meditations too where you just meditate with everyone at the same time around the globe.

    Although I’ve participated in tons of in-person retreats in my lifetime I appreciate online retreats just as well.  I mean, I’m not getting served healthy, tasty meals 3 times a day but, I still get that deeper “me” time I need, desire and deserve!

    Oh shoot, now that’s a good local business idea.  Live stream, for me it would be qi gong/meditation and moving meditation, but, before each session, I deliver the healing food to everyone’s door!  

    Some online retreats are way easier on the pocket though in general so, I’m definitely of the same mindset as you, there really is something for everyone online that we can find from free to decently affordable as well.

    • Martine Brooks

      Thanks very much for your very thoughtful comment.  I like your idea re delivering healthy food to everyone’s door.  If it is do-able that would be fantastic.  Yes, there is power in group meditation even if we’re not in the same place.  What we need definitely turns up in whatever form that might be.  We just have to notice.  I also find that if one has a desire then the money turns up anyway.  It always works out. 

  • Mark

    Hey Martine, first of all, thank you for creating this incredible article that really gave me a greater understanding and insight on how I can start my meditating journey, I love how there are several different ways to participate in this lifechanging act with different masters in the art, for me personally the most accessible way of starting my journey will be via an online retreat.

    Also, I love how you are recommending the book “The Power Of Now” I had the opportunity to read this book and it gave me the incredible value and made me a happier man, it taught me to value the current moment above all else!

    Again thanks, Martine!


  • Mark

    Hey Martine, first of all, thank you for creating this incredible article that really gave me a greater understanding and insight on how I can start my meditating journey, I love how there are several different ways to participate in this lifechanging act with different masters in the art, for me personally the most accessible way of starting my journey will be via an online retreat.

    Also, I love how you are recommending the book “The Power Of Now” I had the opportunity to read this book and it gave me the incredible value and made me a happier man, it taught me to value the current moment above all else!

    Again thanks, Martine!


  • Phil

    Hi Martine,

    Thank you for creating this inspiring article. I am considering attending a retreat and wish to understand whether the in person benefit greatly outways the online retreat options.
    And if when choosing the online retreat options, are there any suggestions to improve the experience? My experience of completing an online university subject felt both quite a frenzy and distant even with the modern options of chat rooms, viewing lectures in your own time etc.

    Thank you


    • Martine Brooks

      Great questions Phil. I had to really consider my responses. Personally, I don’t think anything can compete with an in person retreat really, however having said that you can still get value out of an online retreat. And with Covid then we also need to look at alternatives. I’ve also retreated at home myself, not using online retreat resources but other supports. You might like to read my article Best ways to meditate at home – top retreat tips. I think it will help if you do decide to do an online retreat. My suggestion, if you are looking to go down the path of an online retreat is to find those that are in true retreat form as though you were there i.e. a clear and full schedule (which may of course include time away from the screen – this would be appropriate). I have to say though that these are few and far between, many I have found are really more like courses than retreats with pre recorded videos or even if live they are minimal and one would be left wondering – what now? Not that you wouldn’t get something out of it but it wouldn’t be like a true meditation retreat as such. My one big tip would be to treat your retreat at home as though you were there. No distractions etc. The article I recommended should help with that. I hope this has helped. Remember, any start is a good start though. There is no better thing to do for yourself than retreat. Thanks again and please let me know what you decide. PS, it shouldn’t be a frenzy. If it were it would be highly unusual and contrary to the whole intent behind a retreat.

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