The Power of Awareness: Online Course Review

If you want to bring more awareness into your life, understand what that really means, the power it has and experience how this can transform your life then you’re definitely on the right track in considering The Power of Awareness online course

From my personal experience, experience is the key.  We can learn and understand things intellectually (or not for that matter and to be honest the intellectual understanding isn’t necessary), but what we really want is to see a change, experience a change.

The intellect can be useful, but what we really want here is a knowing (beyond the mind) and a great portal for that is through mindfulness meditation.  With the knowing and beingness that comes with mindfulness meditation, what we emanate, what we attract and how we interact with the world is very different.  Consequently we experience life differently but in a deeper and much more joyful way.

So, with that, I’ve researched the course developed and delivered by renowned mindfulness experts and teachers Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach (more about the teachers below) and I’ve looked at what some of their past 17,000 course participants have had to say and it looks good from where I stand.

If you are really looking to transform your life in whatever way that may mean for you, I cannot think of a better way to start than participating in the Power of Awareness Online Course

Their approach resonates with me.  I feel myself nodding ‘yes’ to the words they use in describing the course.  They speak of discovering the transformative, healing power of mindful awareness and dramatically shifting the experience of your life, the people in it, and the world itself.

I personally have experienced a dramatic shift in my life through mindfulness and increased awareness and therefore I know what they say to be true.

If you are dedicated to the process (even with a few little hiccups here and there – it happens to everyone), you too will experience this transformation.

A key for me when I am looking at different courses is to recognise when I am not intellectualising and instead just feel a sense of ‘rightness’, a ‘knowing’.  I can say that I felt that with this course.

Let’s now get to the nuts and bolts of the course.

The Power of Awareness Course Overview

Price:  $297.00 ($100 off, reduced from $397)

Instalment plan:  Yes, 3 monthly payments of $107

With a reduction in the course fee, your outlay over 7 weeks is only $6.00 a day.

Duration:  7 weeks

Guarantee:  100% money back guarantee for 1 year

Continuing Education Credits:  Yes, 19 of them for US customers

Certificate:  Yes, issued by the University of California, Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center and the Awareness Training Institute

Where to buy: Sounds True

My Rating:  Nothing to lose and everything to gain!

As the name implies, the course is essentially around mindfulness and how mindfulness can transform your life whether that be your relationships, home life, work or any other area that you find challenging.

It’s suitable for anyone wishing to:

  • live in a state of peace and joy
  • feel vibrant and alive
  • let go of the negativity and blockages that have held you back?
  • Create the life and existence you know is possible and waiting for you

I’ve included a quote from Tara Brach below which will give you insight into how this course came to be and the intent behind it.

Life Changing Benefits of Awareness

By becoming more aware, we enhance our capacity to cope with life’s challenges with dignity and elegance. In the Power of Awareness program, you’ll begin to nurture the following qualities within yourself:

  • Healing

Learn to work with and transform your difficult emotions, feelings, and thoughts on a moment-to-moment basis

  • Centering

Learn to stay calm, focused, and balanced for greater effectiveness, regardless of external events and circumstances

  • Connection

Learn to bring awareness into your relationships to dramatically improve the quality of your interactions in all spheres

  • Presence

Learn to bring presence to your interactions by slowing them down and responding to them instead of habitually reacting to situations

Program Inclusions – What you’ll get!

1. Video Trainings – 26 Videos with 10 Hours of Teachings

Each week you will gain access to a new set of insightful and engaging videos with Jack and Tara. Over the course of seven weeks, you’ll immerse yourself in the best content focused on mindfulness concepts, practices, and instructions.

Don’t forget, you get lifetime access to all video trainings, guided meditations, workbooks, and bonus materials—the entire course is yours to keep forever.

2. Guided Meditation Practice

Explore masterful guided meditations with Jack and Tara based on each of their more than 40 years of teaching. You’ll receive three types of meditations inside the mindfulness training.

Meditations Within the Teachings: At the end of the teaching sessions, you will be given a short guided meditation practice.

Guided Meditations: You will be given guided meditations to help you go deeper with the existing teachings.

Optional Practices: You will have the choice to do optional practices if you want to explore a topic further, if desired.

3. Community Mentoring Sessions

Be part of an ongoing online community mentoring group and join weekly community mentoring calls, facilitated by experienced mentors.

4. Personal Journaling Exercises

Journaling is one of the most powerful tools for deepening your self-understanding. The course includes your own personal online journal that you can access anytime with recommendations for journal topics suggested throughout.

5. Reflections Course Workbook

Reflection questions are offered as another way for you to deepen your experience. Enjoy your private course workbook to conveniently document your answers and refer back to it as needed.

6. Certificate of Completion

Receive a Certificate from the University of California, Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center and the Awareness Training Institute.

Plus, you’ll get the following Bonuses:

A little more about the teachers

If you don’t know, Jack Kornfield has been around for decades now, teaching meditation globally since 1974 and is one of the key teachers to introduce mindfulness to the West.   His books have sold 1.5 million copies and he holds a PhD in clinical psychology.

And Tara Brach, well she’s equally credible with her weekly podcasts being downloaded over 1.5 MILLION TIMES EACH MONTH, teaching meditation internationally and also holding a PhD in Clinical Psychology.

Both teachers have quite a following and have had for many years and so this has to instil a sense of trust and we can assume a level of quality in what they provide given their longevity when considering whether or not to jump in feet first.

Words of Encouragement – Once you know it, you can’t un-know it and that’s the beauty!

You are the owl, be the owl

I have been a customer of many programs and courses in my life and I have to say that those dedicated to meditation, mindfulness and awareness have been the most beneficial to me in enhancing my own life and improving my general sense of wellbeing.

And, if I ever get off track (which happens to most of us and often more so when things are going well, we may cast our practise aside), I know it’s because I am not being mindful or aware.

But I also know that this is the way back and so I reintroduce it back into my life if I have been distracted by life for a little while.

Likewise, when things aren’t going well or we feel uncertain, stressed or unhappy we need meditation, mindfulness and awareness more than ever.

It’s my go to and it’s the only go to that can and will bring peace, freedom and real joy into your life.

The effects are immediate and can be sustained with focus.  I am as gentle as I can be with myself even if I might take a step back or two.  I would encourage you to be gentle with yourself too.

If I can coin a phrase that explains my experience perfectly “everything changed, yet nothing changed”!  A little cryptic perhaps, but I’m sure you will know what I mean if you decide to do the course.

Once you have the knowledge, you can never un-know it and that’s the beauty – thank goodness for that.

$6 a day is a very small price to pay to invest in yourself and ultimately experience and live a better life. 

I would encourage you to take the plunge.  I can sincerely say, you won’t regret it!  Click here to enrol now.

If you want to know a little more about mindfulness and awareness before you make a decision, you might be interested in some of my articles.

Go forth with ease and just be!



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