QiGong What is Qigong All about the energy

What is QiGong? All about the energy!

If you have read my article “Is Yoga Meditation: 4 Activities You Never Knew were Meditation” you will know that I have listed QiGong as one of the options for a moving meditation or movement meditation.

So, what is QiGong apart from being a movement meditation.

What is QiGong?

QiGong has been described as an internal process that has external movements.

Qi refers to the life force (energy) that powers the body and spirit. The individual can strengthen and balance the flow of chi (qi) within the self. In addition, a practitioner can project his or her chi into a patient to induce a therapeutic effect.

The mind is used to guide qi through intention and mindfulness to make qi work.

QiGong focuses on a particular issue in the mind, body or spirit.

The practice has specific movements that are repeated until the benefit is felt e.g. one movement might be used to open the lungs.

One of the most popular Qigong sets is The 8 Brocades. The routine consist of 8 exercises, which coordinate body (movement), mind (imagination and focus) and breath. These 8 treasures are promoted as having positive effects on health and general well-being as well as regulating and influencing specific body functions.

Unlike Tai Chi, where movements may include QiGong movements, QiGong does not necessarily include Tai Chi.

QiGong movements are slow and gentle and although not a series of movements that work on the entire body in a flowing sequence like Tai Chi, there is definitely still a rhythm and flow to it that I detect.

And, as there is a slowness and gentleness to the movements and mental focus you will begin to be greatly attuned to your body and its needs.

Why QiGong?

Why QiGong?

For those of you who have perhaps tried yoga and it’s not for you or you find having to get down on the floor and up again difficult or you find it difficult to hold a particular stance or position then QiGong just might be for you.

The beauty of QiGong is that it can be performed standing, sitting and from bed which makes it suitable for everybody. All that may be needed is some adaptation or modification of the movements.

And….QiGong is suitable for young, old and everyone inbetween.

The benefits of Qi Gong are endless and so I will mention only a few here.

Benefits of QiGongbenefits of qigong

Needless to say, the benefits of QiGong are wholistic, they are beneficial for mind, body and soul (spirit).

  • Improved mood with a reduction in depression, stress and anxiety
  • Increased physical energy.
  • More complete rest and better sleep
  • More clarity and focus, enhances concentration
  • Flexibility
  • Balance
  • Muscle strength
  • Cardiac function
  • Immune function
  • Respiration and circulation

To find out more about the benefits of QiGong click here.

Covers all bases!

I can’t praise QiGong enough.

For those where a gentler approach is wanted or needed then it’s definitely an option.

I love that there is a flow to the individual movements, it’s less jarring say than doing “jumping jacks” (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

But, I think it’s a great alternative for those who don’t want a high intensity workout or as a complement to a high intensity workout. Why not do both if you can?

It covers all bases that we need to look after, that is, our minds, bodies and our spirits. I think that people are finally acknowledging that it is really important that we need to care for each of these aspects.

Whether you choose QiGong, TaiChi or Yoga is down to what you prefer.

Any or all are wonderful wholistic options.

How can I get started?

Here are some quick links to browse what’s available.

No need to wait to get started either as many of the DVDs are available to digitally download. Or better still try an online course.qigong yin and yang

  1. Access the Qigong for Health and Healing – Unleash the Power of your Life-Force Energy Program.
  2. For  QiGong click here. I’ll be reviewing some shortly so stay tuned by subscribing.
  3. If you’re looking for yoga streaming or DVD options click here.
  4. For Tai Chi click here

And last but not least:

5. Subscribe to my website so you don’t miss out on my next article.

Enjoy whatever you choose.

Go forth with ease and just be!


  • Jen Bree

    I just learned something new. I have never heard of Qigong. I have been looking for other options to meditate. Yoga is not for me. I’m glad to hear about Qigong. Thank you for sharing its health benefits. I will check it out.

  • Jeff

    What is QiGong is a very informative post that really interests me, I do practice medication, arthritis-friendly yoga, and Tai Chi. You have gotten me interested in giving QiGong a try as well, so would it be best to join a class or could I learn this from videos?


  • Lemuel Sacop

    Hello and thank you for this article! I have tried yoga but had never heard of Qigong, nor even tried Tai Chi. The article is very concise and well-detailed and made me interested to try out some QiGong DVDs. You have perfectly laid out the differences between these moving meditation practices and Qigong’s benefits. Is there a digital version of the video that we can download?

    • Martine Brooks

      Hi Lemuel, yes many of the QiGong videos or DVDs come in a digital version. Just click this link QiGong DVDs. Yes QiGong has great benefits as do Yoga and TaiChi. I think whatever appeals at the time is what we should go with and we can always change. Thanks for your comment.

  • James

    I actually became very interested in QiGong in the past (around the age of 9/10, I believe!) after discovering the amazing abilities of Shaolin Monks and researching and practicing what I could about harnessing life’s inner force: Chi (Qi)! This is an excellent article for anyone wanting to learn more about maximising their health potential in terms of a powerful physical, mental, and spiritual practice. Thanks for sharing this. I’d love for the article to contain more about the monks though, hehe. 🙂

    Kind regards,

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