What is the power of awareness? Waking to a life unimagined!

Before what is the Power of Awareness

Let’s start with a definition of awareness before we get into what the power of awareness actually is.

What is awareness?

From a spiritual perspective, awareness is the ability to be mindful of one’s thoughts with the aim of recognising the ego and its impact on our everyday lives.

That is to say, how we experience our lives through the ego, for example in our connections with others or how satisfied or dissatisfied we are with our life situation.

The recognition of the ego is crucial in accessing the power of awareness.  We begin to wake up and see the truth – we ‘know’ the truth. 

What is ego?

I think it’s important here to clarify what ego is too because I think there are many misconceptions out there or rather a misunderstanding of what ego is or rather a limited view of what it is.

For most people it usually refers to someone with a large opinion of oneself (usually positive) – this is not necessarily incorrect either but whether the opinion is positive or less than positive it’s still ego.

The ego likes control and dominates our existence.  We go through life almost on autopilot, asleep at the wheel in a state of oblivion.

So, let me try to explain.  The ego can be defined as our thought processes (conditioned and learnt etc) or to put it another way our personality at the level of form (our humanness).

The ego is full of thoughts of who we think we are, what we think we are, our opinions, beliefs (thought forms), our thoughts around who others are, what we’re good at, what we’re not good at, what we think of ourselves good and bad, our low self-esteem, our high self-esteem, what people think of us etc.

In fact, we have a never-ending list of ego/personality driven thoughts and they generally don’t stop.  However, most of us aren’t aware of our thoughts (they are quick too), how prevalent they are and how they are dictating and affecting our lives and general sense of wellbeing.

And generally, our emotions, actions and words are driven by these thoughts and the majority of the time we do this ‘unconsciously’.  Some of these may be good, not so good or neutral but they are all thought driven.

Thoughts impact our experiences of and in life for good or bad

Think about this for a moment:  When you have an emotion, it is generally preceded by a thought.  Most times we can’t feel an emotion without having had a thought prior.  So, if you are feeling pretty bad, see if you can reflect on what you might have been thinking prior to that emotion.

As you become more aware, you will be able to catch the thought, recognise it and let it go.  It’s not about aggressively battling the thought or trying not to think, it’s about letting it go gently or just watching (observing) it.  You are then aware.

Being Aware

When we become conscious of the ego (thought processes) through active awareness, i.e. watching our thoughts etc and by creating space between thoughts we are able to access our beingness or being.

When we access our being, we have transcended thought.

Our being is formless (note the difference here between the human – level of form including thought forms) and is free of the ego.

It is our essence and connection to the dimension of the formless or rather we are it.  We are consciousness. 

The two together, the level of form (human) and the level of the formless (being) make up the human being.

Let’s get into its Power 

When we are conscious, we provide space/stillness free of thought and are able to access our beingness.  As our awareness and consciousness grows, the gaps in thinking lengthen and we are able to hold the space and operate (sounds clinical but this is where language is insufficient) externally from a place of beingness.

Subsequently, when we access beingness we begin to know who we really are, we experience connection with all life, we experience the oneness of and with life of which we are a part (we are it), there is no separation.

From this place we are infinitely more intelligent, right action and words follow, we are free of fear, we are compelled to act in a particular direction, we obtain clarity, we have a greater connection to all life and our relationships with all life (people, animals, the environment etc) improves.  We experience joy and wellbeing.

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Why?  Because we are life and we recognise ourselves in all life.  So, it then follows you then cannot harm because to do so would be hurting yourself. 

In our daily lives, as awareness and consciousness grow within, we are then able over time to maintain a place of connection with beingness whilst functioning out in the world and this is transformative.

The power of awareness results in a massive shift and transformation in our experience of life in all areas of our life.

As we begin to move through life from this place of oneness (connection) our experiences are richer and there is no longer a feeling of lack, dissatisfaction or sense of meaninglessness.

We have awakened – we are full and complete!

How can I increase my awareness?

Meditation and mindfulness is particularly helpful.

These practises create stillness and space, raise our awareness of what is really going on with us (our thoughts etc) and thus deepen the connection to our true selves (and others) through going beyond thought and by bringing us into presence.

We can then carry this awareness with us outside of meditative practises and into our daily lives and activities.

This transforms our lives.

Awaken and transform YOUR life!

I hope you have found this article enlightening in some way.

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Alternatively, at least start meditating now or read my post What is Mindfulness Practice? The Path to Happiness.

Your comments, questions or feedback are always welcome.

Thank you for reading.

Go forth with ease and just be!



  • Eleftherios Kolonis

    I find this article very interesting and enlightening. I believe that you are right, simply observing the thoughts without judgment can lead to awareness of being – not egocentric but being in union with our environment! This alleviates stress and leads to clarity and wellbeing 🙂

    • Martine

      Exactly, observing thoughts without judgement. I like that. Seeing them for what they are means they lose their power over us too and are less likely to affect our state and behaviours in negative ways. Thanks very much for your comment.

  • Karen

    Good article. Thanks for explaining that our ego is more than what we think of ourselves. The thoughts we allow to take up residence in our brains does mold who we become. The thought of being on autopilot through life isn’t appealing at all. Taking time to be aware of who we are and who we can be is powerful.

  • Dynaflow

    I love what you say here. Before I started observing my thoughts, I was constantly criticizing myself. I started looking at what I’m thinking in a non-judgmental way and my life literally changed! Coupled with my fairly new routine of early morning meditation, I am experiencing the kind of inner peace that I never thought possible. And as a consequence, my outward life is very satisfying.

  • Geri

    Letting go of the ego is the moment we are fully aware of our true self. It is the moment of enlightenment and our lives change for the better. Our eyes are fully opened to endless possibilities.

  • Eloise

    Hi, thank you so much for writing this article. I think it’s so important that we become aware of these concepts. My partner loves Eckhart Tolle and his books, and can see you’re also a big fan. I’ve been contemplating reading them for a while however now I think I’ll give it a proper go.

    • Denton

      This article was amazing and powerful! I never thought about the way my “thoughts” effected my experiences and life events. Makes me wish I had more awareness long ago. My goal today will be focusing on this, and sharing it with my wife.

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