When things are going well – don’t stop meditating!

It has been some time since I have written an article.  I guess I can put it down to being side-tracked by other activities (mainly other work).

But, I was prompted to write “When things are going well – don’t stop meditating!” following my own experience of things going well until they weren’t going so well and where I was left based on what I had let slide in terms of maintaining my own wellbeing.

The other reason is that the intent of my website and the content that I share about meditation, consciousness and presence etc is really important to me in that I truly believe it can help people.  Because, what I share has helped me.


I stopped meditatingYes, I stopped meditating and my meditation cushion and stool have been cast aside for months and have definitely gathered some dust.

I can put it down in part to working, but mainly it’s because life has just been chugging along without too many hiccups or any hiccups have been minor and I haven’t been overly stressed or confronted by anything too challenging.

But of course, that all changed as life does and all I can say is when things are going well – don’t stop meditating because it can leave you flailing.


When things are going wellIn a nutshell, when things are going well (or at least with only minor stressors) and we feel better we will often stop those things that actually help us to maintain equilibrium and our wellbeing.

We stop those things that we sought out during times of difficulty – like meditation. And this is ok of course until we are challenged by people and situations and well, we stop feeling good.

It’s human nature that when we feel better, we often let go of those things that helped us feel better or helped us view things differently in the first place.

And, it’s also true that when things are bad or we’re feeling terrible or stressed that we seek out something to make us feel better or cope – like meditation.

That’s why most people become enlightened or seek out meditation when they are suffering.

It’s important to know that these activities and specifically meditation actually assist us in our experience of life being less dramatic and stressful or at least our perception of our life which can alleviate this stress.  We are less likely to catastrophise and more likely to be aware of how much our mind is dictating our experiences and that it is leading us down into despair and suffering.


So, meditation is essential in the good times, when things are running smoothly.

It creates balance, builds resilience, provides insight and clarity and of course a sense of calm.

This is essential in order to ride through any difficult times that may arise.

And, it is equally important to continue to meditate through those difficult times even if you can just find a few minutes a day.

If you need some guidance to get into the meditation swing of things, see my top affordable online meditation course picks.


meditationSo, of course, what has prompted me to write this is that my smooth ride has come to an end in recent months and I have been met with some challenging situations.

Now, I think it has helped that I am basically a meditator at least to some degree most of the time, though for the last 6 months or so I have not meditated at all.

My previous meditation knowledge, experience and practice has definitely helped me through these difficult situations as I have an understanding of how the mind and ego works (though the situation and my mind got the better of me for sure), but I have to say that if I had continued to meditate, I know for certain that I would not have suffered as much nor been as confused in knowing what to do or which direction to go in.

So, with that, I am back in the meditation saddle or rather on my meditation cushion.  I honestly feel much calmer already and everything’s not quite as overwhelming or doomsday as I may have thought.

If you have stopped meditating or have never meditated, I can only encourage you to begin or to begin again.

To learn more about the benefits of meditation, read my article “What are the benefits of meditating?”.

I hope you take the time today to meditate!

And remember to be kind to yourself where ever you are at and when things are going well – don’t stop meditating and if they’re not so good at the moment – do it now!


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  • Alex Chivers

    Hi Martine, I have been interested in meditation for a few years now. I don’t practice it really regularly enough but yes you make a very good point. I think it is similar to prayer you shouldn’t just pray to god when you your life is going to **** but also when you are actually doing well to show your gratitude and appreciation for the better times.

    I mean I think really having a routine for meditation is important. Even if it is 10 minutes a day – like you see some of these super successful people meditate every morning to make them more focused and in the zone for their daily activities. You are totally right here and I think this is something we should all really think about.

    Best wishes


  • Schalk

    First off I must confess that the image you have right at the top is so beautiful – it really drawn me in. By simply just staring at that flower, I can medidate the whole day 🙂

    The reflection on everything that is postive and wholesome is so important. A positive mindset results in a positive, happy and prosperous life. What happens in the mind, will happen in time and therefore we should be so mindful of what we reflect upon.

    Thanks so much for sharing!

  • Andrew

    It’s a great lesson for us all to never stop doing the things that got us to a state of equanimity in the first place.
    It’s easy, as you say, to begin letting go of our practices when life is chugging along smoothly, but not desirable.
    Life, being life, is unpredictable by its very nature and if we can remain in a state of balance, peace, and grace, we will be able to easily cope with all that comes our way.

    I will never give up my meditation practice because it just feels so good every time I sit on my mat!

    Thanks for sharing….

  • Matthew/Deloris

    We would like to say that this website helps us find our center and balance in life and when things start going too good then we often stop meditating. We need to find ways to do things that help us maintain feeling good even when we feel things are going good in our life. With us working and school our day is filled with a full agenda.
    The article is helping us reflect on our personal life and when things are going well dont stop meditating. We must be strict with ourselves.


  • Lee

    Excellent article and so true!

    I find myself doing this as well and I feel it is common for many of us.

    Often during our struggles, we can lean on a higher power or meditate and do practices that help us get through.

    When things are going great we tend to slack or not follow through on the practices that helped bring us this peace in the first place.

    For me and what has helped is creating habits and trying to do my meditation at the same times each day. Of course, life happens and I may miss a session but keeping to this regular habit helps me from wandering too far off track.

    Great article and I think you highlighted something not touched upon often. Thank you

    • Martine Brooks

      Thanks Lee. Yes, a ritual/routine is good but yes we often get sidetracked. But if we can manage even a few minutes a day it can help enormously. Thankyou for taking the time to comment.

    • Martine Brooks

      Yes, we sometimes get off track. I think we need to be kind to ourselves and compassionate too when we do. Beating ourselves up only strengthens the ego and will keep us from resuming. If you can get into a habit of meditating that’s great as long as it doesn’t become a chore or we perceive it as something else we should or have to do. I find it helpful to say “I’m just going to sit”. Thankyou for your comment, it will help others too.

  • Matt

    Yes, I agree that you need to keep meditation no matter how good things go. Meditation helps you stay focused and calm even though you are going well. I know people are busy, but it’s not an excuse.

    I manage to find time for meditation, even for just 5-10 minutes. After those short sessions, I always find myself becoming more clear about the questions I met for the moment and finding a way out eventually. So, I vouch for what you mentioned today. 🙂

    Never Stop Meditation,

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